Stupidity Wanted

It’s very strange. I’ve gone a whole week and not seen anything stupid. While it’s fun to see what stupid stuff I can find on the internet is available, I really like seeing stupidity in person.

We had a few opportunities this week where I thought FOR SURE we’d see something stupid…yet to our amazement, nothing stupid was to be seen. (I didn’t think this would even be possible to go this long without seeing something stupid!)

Just in case you will think it’s totally useless, stupid things make money.

Since I can’t find anything stupid, I am asking you for your help. Take a picture of anything. I don’t care what it is. Find the stupidest thing you can, take a picture of it, and send it to me. As long as its not obscene or inappropriate or illegal and is your picture that you physically took yourself, I welcome anything sent to bestofstupid [at] gmail [dot] com.

What could you take a picture of? I really don’t know. Surprise me. If it’s not stupid, that’s okay too, I’ll figure out a way to make it fit in here. If you’d rather draw something or photoshop something good, that’s perfectly welcome too.

Is there an incentive to send me a picture? Yup, my eternal gratitude and of course a post about what you sent me and a few links (whatever you want them to be) on my lowly PR 4 blog here crediting you for the picture. What more could you ask for? (No, you’re not allowed to ask for money!)

So who’s up for the challenge to find something stupid? Send it to me

What to Do With Old Phone Books and Gigantic Catalogues

A few months ago we ordered a few electronic components from a company called (They are really great if you need anything electrical!) But, ever since then we’ve been receiving this lovely 2500+ page catalog in the mail.

At first we thought it wasn’t very smart for them to mail us this 5 lb. catalog in the mail each month, especially since we only spent about $15 online and probably will not need to buy anything from them again anytime soon.

Now that we’ve come up with some new creative uses for the Mouser Catalog however, we’ve actually started to look forward to seeing them dumped in the ditch below our mailbox. (A 2500+ page catalog does not fit in a standard sized mailbox!)

Here are some of the fantastic uses we have found for not only this catalog but also phone books and many other stupid things we get in the mail:

Excellent Fire Starters: The type of paper used in creating these types of books makes for a wonderful fire starter. Crumple up a few pages and it ignites faster than newspaper, giving you a nice cozy fire to snuggle up in front of. A must have to take with you camping!

Instant Step Stool: These catalogs also make great stepping stools for reaching those hard to reach top shelf items in the kitchen.

Entertain the Kids: It makes a great baby toy, as babies will sit and rip out the pages and tear them to tiny shreds. This is far more entertaining to them than rattles or silly things that make annoying noises.

Learn Oragami: The catalogs are also great for making paper airplanes and other papercrafts.

Cheap, Economical Wall Paper: We thought about wallpapering our bathroom and kitchen with the pages as well. (With 2500 11×8 sheets of paper, we’d probably have enough to also do a border in our bedrooms as well!)

Fix That Rickety Table: The catalogs are also useful for propping up unlevel chairs and tables.

Hell, Build a Table or Chair: We are thinking after we get a few more we might actually build a couch and coffee table.

Do you get gigantic catalogs and books in the mail you don’t read? What ways have you found to use them?