The Richest People in Illinois

Illinois has some of the richest people in the country! Take a look at the map and see their names.

  • Ken Griffin: hedge funds $7 B
  • Sam Zell: real estate, private equity $4.9 B
  • Neil Bluhm: real estate $3.5 B
  • Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker: hotels, investments $3.4 B
  • Thomas Pritzker: hotels, investments $3 B
  • Penny Pritzker: hotels, investments $2.4 B
  • Patrick Ryan: insurance $2.4 B
  • Jean (Gigi) Pritzker: hotels, investments $2.3 B
  • Ty Warner: real estate, plush toys $2.3 B
  • Joe Mansueto: investment research $2.2 B
  • Mark Walter: finance $2.2 B
  • Joseph Grendys: meat processing $1.8 B
  • Jennifer Pritzker: hotels, investments $1.75 B

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