The Portable Cell Phone Booth

I was looking online for an image to use about telephones and calling people when I stumbled across this sweet little gem:

The Portable Cell Phone Booth!

Yes, no need to worry about a lack of privacy while on your cell phone – simply carry around this portable cell phone booth around on your back and assemble anytime when needed!

Nick Rodrigues is the guy who came up with this – go check out his site and be sure you watch the video there as well!

With something like this, there’s a good chance you won’t be worried about what your what your clothes say about you…I think the phone booth says it all!

It Sits! It Stands! It Pours!

I don’t drink wine very often – maybe once or twice in a year. Usually it is connection with a special occasion, such as a champagne wedding toast or some other special event. Christmas, Thanksgiving, that kind of thing. I drink so very little that we actually don’t even have an alcohol in our house – no beer in the fridge, no wine in a cupboard or any of that! (Yes my wild partying drinking days are long over!)

But today I saw this on a Wine Racks website and thought it was worth sharing on Carry on America:

The Wine Bug:

This, as you can tell, is no ordinary wine rack. You do not even have to remove the bottle from the wine rack when you want to use it. “It Sits! It Stands! It Pours!” I have to love anything that has a multipurpose!

It is also no ordinary bug! This bug has only four legs! Most of the bugs I have encountered either have 6 legs or more, or maybe has wings…I have never seen a bug like this before. This is good news if you do not like bugs, you could get this and pretend it is a cow. Or a cat. Or anything else with four legs and a tail that you like more than bugs for that matter…

What do you think? Do you like my cute wine bug friend? Seen any interesting wine racks like this before?

My mom is many things, but lucky is not one of them.  I’ve heard stories about her from way back when that could make a grown man cringe.   Like the time something fell out. of. the. sky. and knocked her off her bike, or the time she leaned over the barbeque pit, which was soaked in GASOLINE, and threw a match in.  This is her life.  One very long string of mishaps, a comedy of errors if you will.

Back to the matter at hand.  So we’re all having a grand ol’ time, when somebody lights a chaser.  These are the ones that light up green and spin out of control and go zzzzzztttt zzzzzt zzztt zt.  You know the ones.  Come to find out, these particular little gems lived up to their name.  I look up to see people running and screaming and ducking like a bunch of goats scared by a truck horn.  A lot of yelling, too.  I ended up spotting my mom some distance away running like a bat out of hell with a glowy green fireball right behind her.  It must have had a heat sensing missile attached because it saw what it wanted and it wasn’t giving up.  No way, no how.

The 90′s.  The joyful era of bad fashion, slap bracelets, trapper keepers and…scrunched hair donning 5psi of Aqua Net.  Am I right?  You know where this is going, don’t you?

The little bastard finally caught up to it’s prey.  My mom went up in a mushroom cloud of CFC’s and gunpowder.  Needless to say, I was a bit traumatized.  I went into the bathroom of the machine shop to assess the damage.   There she stood, brushing clumps of hair onto the floor looking like something out of Looney Tunes in her almost-not-there-anymore shirt.  Yay!  She came out fairly unscathed, considering.  Aside from the 3rd degree burn covering her left forearm, that is.  The stench was ungodly, I tell you.  The smells of burning flesh, hair and cotton don’t mesh well.  She healed quickly due to the Silvadene, but she wouldn’t go anywhere near the 4th of July again for a while.

Watch out for those renegade fireworks, people.  You never know when one might set it’s sights on you.  Duhn Duhn Duuuhn!!!

Do you have any holiday misfortunes to share with the group?  Do tell!