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There are also a lot of searches for famous people: actors, sport people, politicians. So I was thinking that I will share with you my choice of 5 People I’d Like to Meet

Emily asked today on Twitter: If you could have dinner with any 5 people in the world today, who would you pick? I heard this question before. because variations of this hypothetical question have been discussed for ages (historical figures, athletes, etc.). What I find interesting is that  when I saw it Darren asking about it I realized that my list has changed a lot from the last time I really thought about it.

**Now, when I say “really thought about it” I don’t mean that I am dedicating serious time on a regular basis to thinking about who I’d like to meet, well…maybe too much time but not really that much – does that make sense? sure…**

I thought I would have a little fun with today’s Top 5 and list the 5 people in the world today that I would like to have dinner with along with a brief explanation of why. The list is not in any particular order of relevance or importance.

1. Robert Kiyosaki (aka: Rich Dad)

I first read Rich Dad, Poor Dad about six years ago, and I can honestly say the book helped change the way I thought about money and wealth accumulation. However, I have had some lingering thoughts since I put the book down, such as: was there really a ‘rich dad’? Was Kiyosaki truly ‘financially free’ before releasing the Rich Dad book series? Why did he wait so long to have ‘Rich Dad Coaching’? Maybe there is a hidden skeptic inside of me, but I just can’t help wonder these things. I think this book really re-launched what I call the “self-help wealth” information marketing movement, so I think it would be fun to have a candid conversation with a catalyst.

2. Tim Ferriss

The Four Hour Workweek has to be the ‘paradigm’ shifting book for a new generation of entrepreneurs and workers. I like this book and his companion ‘Lifestyle Design’ blog so much that I think it would be a blast to have dinner with him. For anyone that has read the book or blog, you know that very few writers and bloggers could gain such immense popularity and worldwide attention with such a seemingly wide (but actually well-niched) focus on all things relevant to a mobile and flexible lifestyle.

3. Hu Jintao

The leader of the world’s most populous nation (hint: China) has such a big job that I wonder how one deals with that level of responsibly. With China becoming a rapidly rising world superpower (not just economic superpower) I can’t help but wonder what goes through his mind as he looks at his to-do list every day:

  • feed 1.4 million people left homeless by earthquake
  • merge communist party politics with 21st century global capitalism
  • lunch
  • escalate rhetoric of taking over Taiwan by force
  • practice speech for Olympic games opening ceremony

I’m not sure if it really looks like that or not, but it would be fun to ask him.

4. Barack Obama

I want to look into his eyes and see if this guy is for real or not. He has such an abundance of charisma and charm that it would be a lot of fun to be around him for a few minutes. Although I wasn’t around when John F. Kennedy was running for president, I think that there are some definite similarities between the two and I would like to hear Obama’s candid take on what he thinks of the parallel.

5. Alan Greenspan

I want to get his truly candid thoughts about what it will take to put American’s economy on the right track for the long term. I’d like to get a few glasses of wine in him and get him to open up about his real feelings about the current credit crunch situation and what he feels like his role was in precipitating it. Also, I’d like to know how he managed to successfully navigate the dicey political waters of Washington politics so deftly for so many years and how he was married to a professional reporter and somehow no real big or meaningful information ever leaked (secret underground lair, anyone?)

Well, there you have the Top 5 people I’d like to meet – at least as of right now.