Why do people use online searches?

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Why do people use online searches?

Why do people use search engines? If you want to understand our approach, it helps if you know why that is. In general, we can say that search engines are being used for, roughly speaking, three things: researching, shopping, or entertainment. People could be researching where they can find the best education, they may be looking for a site that offers a variety of options or they just want to kill time watching some cat videos.


The majority of people who use a search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, or whichever social media platform) are doing so for the purpose of research. They usually are searching for answers to their questions, or for data on which basis they can make a decision. They want to find a website that can answer their questions or fulfill a particular purpose.

Older students who are busy with preparation for exams, or looking for answers about their future, for example, will probably use a search engine to learn about possible free prep tests and compare with his own books and choose whatever is easier to follow. There is no shortage of information! There are millions of results.

Companies, in turn, will use search engines to see where potential clients are, to reach out to them, and to learn who their competitors are.


A small number of people, but they’re still very many and their number is growing rapidly, are using search engines for their shopping. When they’re done researching, search queries are changing to terms that are reflecting a buying mindset. Search terms such as “free shipping”, “best price” and “cheapest” indicate that a searcher will probably get to the point of making a purchase. Optimized sites that are meeting the fascination and needs of that sort visitor will show higher conversion rates than sites that are not optimized.

The big search engines, such as Google, are tending to reward research-oriented websites, so your web pages need to have a pretty good balance between research-oriented terms and sales-oriented terms. There are some websites out there that actually search engines intended merely for shopping. Sites like eBay, Amazon, and Shopping.com are good examples of search engine developed for shopping-only.


But researching and shopping are not the only reasons why people come to search engines. The World Wide Web is a vast, reliable, and maybe an addictive resource for taking away your complete afternoon. There are plenty of consumers out there that are using search engines just as a way to entertain themselves for longer periods of time.

These users are looking up things like social network sites, videos, games, or movie trailers. The most popular sites are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.