What not to say to complete strangers

graphLast night, out of the blue, I remembered something that I haven’t thought of in years. Let me take you back to my college days…

My roommate and I were sitting in the living room of our apartment passing the bong back and forth, trying to solve the Wheel of Fortune puzzle, when the phone rang.

A familiar-sounding male voice asked to speak to me. I placed him right away – it was Justin, a friend of mine. (Here’s where I pause for the cause and offer up a bit of background info: Justin was a great guy with a big heart. He was laid back, funny and super easy-going, and we clicked from the get-go. I always felt completely at ease when I was around him – able to be my normal, vulgar self.) Before I could answer him, he introduced himself as Brian, said he was calling from a major credit card company and explained that he had a fabulous offer lined up for me. I chuckled softly to myself – Justin was just the kind of guy who would call pretending to be a sales rep. Continue reading “What not to say to complete strangers”