5 Insanely Easy Tactics Every Beginner Should Use to Make a Blog Popular

Making your blog popular is no easy task to learn, especially with the ever-changing rules and recommendations required to stay ahead of the pack. Even the most experienced bloggers learn new techniques tips every day. Beginners think it’s as simple as throwing some keywords into their posts and submitting their sitemap to search engines – boy wouldn’t that be grand?

Even though it is more complicated than it was in years past, basic techniques have hardly changed … and yes, that includes simple tasks like adding keywords. But new bloggers ultimately shouldn’t be discouraged.

Fact is, if you are delivering unique content and follow even some of the most basic practices, you’ll do okay for yourself as time passes and you begin to learn more advanced methods. So in this article, I’m going to cover some very basic techniques that every beginner can begin practicing and should with every piece they post.

Catchy Post Titles

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Talkin’ About My Boobies!

Shocking, I know. Me? Talk about my boobs? Never! Step back with me to avoid the lightning strike as a result of my lying. Lotus asked us to talk about our experiences in feeding our children with our boobies or with bottles while our children still mauled our boobies anyway, cuz that what babies tend to do it seems. (At least it explains why Bob continues to grab at Scout’s chest like it’s gonna yield anything but hair in his teeth.)

I have one SIL (Mrs. Deacon) who will nurse anywhere, without covering up. She’s also tiny and so subtle about it that I’ve been in the room with her and didn’t realize she was doing it.

My other SIL (Mrs. Forbes) will nurse in public, but only under her Hooter Hider. My third SIL (Mrs. Prof) is still on the fence about if she wants to use formula or nurse. And there’s me – riding the Ameda/Medela Express 7 times a day.

I’ve been working through my shame/embarrassment of the insane size of my girls since puberty. (As I’ve mentioned). I’ve passed up going swimming many times over the years because there was no swimsuit that would fit.

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Stupidity Wanted

It’s very strange. I’ve gone a whole week and not seen anything stupid. While it’s fun to see what stupid stuff I can find on the internet is available, I really like seeing stupidity in person.

We had a few opportunities this week where I thought FOR SURE we’d see something stupid…yet to our amazement, nothing stupid was to be seen. (I didn’t think this would even be possible to go this long without seeing something stupid!)

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Maximize Travel Marketing with Social Media

In a world where virtual networks seem to trump the physical process, it’s no surprise that all different types of businesses are taking to social marketing. 1.78 billion people in the world are taking part in social networks and by 2020, one in four people on a global level will be on social media. Social Media are used by almost every industry

Almost every industry uses Social Media to reach potential customers, from education websites to e-commerce and travel portals. Let’s take a look how some of them take the advantage of the constant popularity of social media. Many of the top marketers feel that social media and marketing is essential in their industry these days. The question you might be asking is how can companies use social media to benefit their business and consumers? There are quite a few answers to that question.

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Rules were made to be broken

I walked into the bathroom last night, where Dave was giving our darlings a bath, just as he wrung out a washcloth and set it back on the edge of the tub.

“Were you using that washcloth? You really shouldn’t have,” I said.

He shot me a look, an it’s-a-little-late-now kind of look. “I thought it was okay. I just grabbed it from right here.”

“Yeah, I put it there,” I said. I was about to graciously remind him of the If There’s A Used Washcloth On The Side Of the Bathtub, Don’t Use It rule, but opted to keep my mouth shut instead.

“What did you use it for?”

“To wipe out all of the loogies you left in the sink.”

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Avoid trying to sell sheep to pig farmers

sheep-617128Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. Do they want more choice or do they want what they want? If they wanted more choice than they would enjoy going from opportunity to opportunity and weighing up the best deal.

Guess what? People do behave like that but only out of fear. Choice actually annoys the heck out of them. Once they have made a decision they are left with a constant nagging doubt when they see another choice as to whether they made the made the best choice.

Most people spend their lives worrying about past mistakes and choices they made and are unable to alter. This is why they never move forward and just learn from past mistakes. As you develop as an entrepreneur you will learn the value of creating greater trust with fewer people than a little trust with many.

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Why do people use online searches?

search-onlineOn this website, I point to stuff that America’s public is choosing now, based on the popular searches. I do not talk politics. This is all about education and lifestyle. Have fun!!

Why do people use online searches?

Why do people use search engines? If you want to understand our approach, it helps if you know why that is. In general, we can say that search engines are being used for, roughly speaking, three things: researching, shopping, or entertainment. People could be researching where they can find the best education, they may be looking for a site that offers a variety of options or they just want to kill time watching some cat videos.


The majority of people who use a search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, or whichever social media platform) are doing so for the purpose of research. They usually are searching for answers to their questions, or for data on which basis they can make a decision. They want to find a website that can answer their questions or fulfill a particular purpose.

Older students who are busy with preparation for exams, or looking for answers about their future, for example, will probably use a search engine to learn about possible free prep tests and compare with his own books and choose whatever is easier to follow. There is no shortage of information! There are millions of results.

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The Portable Cell Phone Booth

I was looking online for an image to use about telephones and calling people when I stumbled across this sweet little gem:

The Portable Cell Phone Booth!

Yes, no need to worry about a lack of privacy while on your cell phone – simply carry around this portable cell phone booth around on your back and assemble anytime when needed!

Nick Rodrigues is the guy who came up with this – go check out his site and be sure you watch the video there as well!

With something like this, there’s a good chance you won’t be worried about what your what your clothes say about you…I think the phone booth says it all!

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