How to Find the Best Nursing Schools in Texas

In order to become a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse in the State of Texas, a nursing school graduate must first pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), just as they are required to in any other state.

Also as is the case at the moment in most other states, the demand for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses far exceeds the actual number of students who are currently enrolled in nursing schools in Texas and graduates of nursing schools in Texas. Therefore the demand for qualified nurses in the Lone Star state is high.

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Locating the Best Nursing Schools in Massachusetts

The number of healthcare jobs has continued to grow all over the country, even in a time when many feel the nation is still suffering the effects of a recession. Pursuing nursing as a career at any level (RN, LPN, nursing assistant etc) is a wise move that more and more people are choosing to make.

Any nursing career has to begin with a good education though and choosing the right nursing school is essential. There is any number of nursing schools in Massachusetts and some residents may feel a little overwhelmed by the number of choices they have. Here are some of the best though:

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

For most consumers, servicing their home mortgage is their biggest expense.  That is why with interest rates at the lower end of the average, borrowers should do a home refinance to a lower mortgage interest rate in order to save money.  However, that is not the only reason to do a home mortgage refinance.  Consumers can obtain a lot more financial freedom and flexibility if they use their refinanced mortgage loan carefully.

Saving on mortgage payments today can help borrowers have the opportunity to use that money towards other expenses, increase savings, or make more payments on the mortgage principal.  For those considering a mortgage refinance, a credit score of at least 650 important and also your current mortgage loan should be in good standing.   For the very best refinancing interest rates, a credit score of over 700 is required.

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You Don’t Win Friends With Salad

My husband is one of the pickiest adult eaters I have ever met. The list of things he doesn’t eat is longer than the list of things he does and there are many foods that he refuses to touch despite the fact that they have never passed his lips before, ever.

Simply put, Dave likes his starches. Pasta, rice, crusty Italian bread, potatoes, pizza…and I don’t blame him, but he doesn’t balance those starches out with anything else. He’s a meat n’ potatoes but hold the veggies kinda guy.

He does eat a select few vegetables and watching him eat them is almost comical: he eats them first, very quickly, in order to get them over with so he can throw himself into the meat and the starches, those sweet, sweet succulent starches.

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Diseases Caused By Computers Are Costly

We usually don’t think of computer work as heavy labor. If you lay bricks or hang drywall for a living, you know that you’d better maintain strength and fitness to prevent injuries. If you point, click, and clatter over a keyboard all day, this isn’t so obvious.

We tend to live our working lives from the neck up. We become aware of our bodies at work only when they hurt. The problem is, it’s much tougher to fix a problem than to prevent it – and that involves heeding our bodies’ early warning signs, such as pain, numbness, or tingling.

Unfortunately, many people don’t heed their pains soon enough. Each year, 1.8 million workers in the United States suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (another term for repetitive strain injury, or RSI), and 600,000 of these people lose work time as a result, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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A Theory of Poetry: The Anxiety of Influence

It’s tempting to begin this essay, “It all started with…” But when talking about the origins, history, and future of the Internet, all starting points are more or less arbitrary. Progress – the notion that things can be improved over time – in any endeavor owes much to a phenomenon that scholar Harold Bloom identified as the “anxiety of influence.”

Each generation, eager to separate itself from the one that came before, wants to make its own mark. Yet each knows it’s only a pigmy standing on the shoulders of a giant, though it may see farther than the giant can – each strives to break away from its forebears, but is painfully aware that it can really only build upon the knowledge passed down to it since the beginning of time. Although Bloom ascribed the phenomenon to the Romantic poets, the same anxiety doubtless dogs the minds of technologists, pushing them to ever-greater efforts.

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States Designating Veteran Status to Support Active, Discharged or Retired Veterans

What is a veteran? Do you know or understand what designates a former military member as a veteran?  There’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding what exactly a veteran designation entails.  Many Americans believe a veteran and a retiree are one in the same.  It’s important that Americans understand that a veteran need not have retired from the military.  But how can a veteran prove his service and honorable discharge?

When a veteran is receiving care with the Veterans Administration (VA) or is disabled he’s entitled to receive an ID card from the VA; however, an honorably discharged veteran is only provided with a DD-214 (discharge papers) and short of carrying around a complicated-appearing government form, there’s no easy way for a veteran to demonstrate his status.

The solution is to provide veterans with a special designation on their driver’s license that easily identifies them as having served and honorably discharged from the military.  Currently, there are only nine states, Georgia, Oregon, Minnesota, Connecticut, Arkansas, Florida, Delaware, North Carolina, and Utah that provide the option to make this distinction of veteran status on drivers’ licenses.   Several other states have legislation pending to make the option for veteran’s designation available to their state’s veterans.

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Online Vendors: Grow Up

The button reads, “click to submit order.” Having done so, the genie in the cyber-bottle is summoned, and like lightning gone mad, the invisible fulfillment machine hisses, spits, and bellows behind the curtain until – voila! – the set of Miles Davis CDs, the handsome array of neckties, or the wildflower wreath for Mom’s birthday arrive. Or don’t. Of course, when they don’t, the screams begin: Where’s the “money back” button?

A new study asks that same pointed question. Research firm Shelley Taylor & Associates of Palo Alto, Calif., have asked the hard fulfillment questions and classified a new malady in the process: Post-Transaction Anxiety Disorder, where shipping charges, sticker shock, and anxiety about whether items ordered online will arrive drive cyber-buyers’ sleepless nights. The research Taylor has published analyzes 100 consumer e-commerce sites (70 in the United States, which we concentrate on in our report, and another 30 in the United Kingdom) and their customer service practices.

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5 Insanely Easy Tactics Every Beginner Should Use to Make a Blog Popular

Making your blog popular is no easy task to learn, especially with the ever-changing rules and recommendations required to stay ahead of the pack. Even the most experienced bloggers learn new techniques tips every day. Beginners think it’s as simple as throwing some keywords into their posts and submitting their sitemap to search engines – boy wouldn’t that be grand?

Even though it is more complicated than it was in years past, basic techniques have hardly changed … and yes, that includes simple tasks like adding keywords. But new bloggers ultimately shouldn’t be discouraged.

Fact is, if you are delivering unique content and follow even some of the most basic practices, you’ll do okay for yourself as time passes and you begin to learn more advanced methods. So in this article, I’m going to cover some very basic techniques that every beginner can begin practicing and should with every piece they post.

Catchy Post Titles

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Talkin’ About My Boobies!

Shocking, I know. Me? Talk about my boobs? Never! Step back with me to avoid the lightning strike as a result of my lying. Lotus asked us to talk about our experiences in feeding our children with our boobies or with bottles while our children still mauled our boobies anyway, cuz that what babies tend to do it seems. (At least it explains why Bob continues to grab at Scout’s chest like it’s gonna yield anything but hair in his teeth.)

I have one SIL (Mrs. Deacon) who will nurse anywhere, without covering up. She’s also tiny and so subtle about it that I’ve been in the room with her and didn’t realize she was doing it.

My other SIL (Mrs. Forbes) will nurse in public, but only under her Hooter Hider. My third SIL (Mrs. Prof) is still on the fence about if she wants to use formula or nurse. And there’s me – riding the Ameda/Medela Express 7 times a day.

I’ve been working through my shame/embarrassment of the insane size of my girls since puberty. (As I’ve mentioned). I’ve passed up going swimming many times over the years because there was no swimsuit that would fit.

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