Locating the Best Nursing Schools in Massachusetts

The number of healthcare jobs has continued to grow all over the country, even in a time when many feel the nation is still suffering the effects of a recession. Pursuing nursing as a career at any level (RN, LPN, nursing assistant etc) is a wise move that more and more people are choosing to make. Well, this post will help you with locating the best Nursing Schools in Massachusetts.

Any nursing career has to begin with a good education though and choosing the right nursing school is essential. There is any number of nursing schools in Massachusetts and some residents may feel a little overwhelmed by the number of choices they have. Here are some of the best though:

MGH Institute of Health Professions –  The MGH Institute, located in the heart of Boston, MA is a specialist school that offers education to prepare students for a number of different careers in the nursing and healthcare profession. For those interested in a nursing career MGH offers some of the most comprehensive degree programs offered by any of the nursing schools in Massachusetts. Check also this post on breaking new grounds.

Their accelerated RN program enables individuals to earn a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and RN licensure in just 14 months, making the program great for those who want to get out into the world of work as quickly as possible. The school also offers a Master’s of Science in nursing as well as specialist RN to NP (nurse practitioner) degree programs. For more information about the MGH Institute of Health Professions visit their website at mghihp.edu

Simmons College – Simmons College is a smaller private college located near the historic Fenway Park ballpark in Boston, MA and a school that has an excellent selection of nursing programs. Simmons has been offering both Bachelors and Masters of Science in Nursing programs since 1902 and is one of the oldest nursing schools in Massachusetts. One of the most unique of their offerings is a four-year BA-MS nursing program that affords students both degrees in a much shorter amount of time than is traditional and don’t get scared about all the new influence that will come your way. To learn more about nursing degree programs at Simmons College visit their website at simmons.edu

Cambridge College – Located (as the name suggests) in Cambridge, MA this school offers several nursing degree programs for students to choose from. This school is geared towards older students so is perfect for those who are transitioning into nursing from other fields. Those who have completed some study in college before (even in a field completely unrelated to nursing ) can transfer and apply previously earned college credits from any accredited college or university elsewhere in the country.

Those who have completed nursing degrees at Cambridge College praise the school for its great teacher to student ratios and the amount of hands-on training these programs offer. This education combines also with the trend that people today are looking up everything over the internet. To learn more about Cambridge College visit their website at cambridgecollege.edu

These are just a small handful of the many great nursing schools in Massachusetts. There are of course many more. A great place to start looking for even more is braintrack.com, which offers extensive information about many more nursing schools in Massachusetts for you to consider.