jason-2sWho are you? Well, my name is Joshua and I live in Arkansas.
What is this website’s mission? Well, in a broad sense, it is setup to accumulate, analyze, interpret, and present all sorts of polling data in such a way that it is informative, attractive, and accurate. In a narrow sense, it will offer the most accurate and objective assessment related to our education and daily lifestyle. It is based on hard facts and numbers, it’s all about the American lifestyle.

Why would you care? Well. honestly speaking, I wouldn’t know why. You could be interested in numbers just like me, and if you are, enjoy the free ride.

Are preferred products influencing your search results?

In no way! We are using Google Trends as well as websites that are publishing the best-shared content on different social media.

Is your site accepting advertising? It is intended to be a commercial website, and will be accepting advertisements in a couple of months. Right now, the website is in start-up mode.

The website doesn’t show properly on my smartphone. This site should be showing pretty well on the latest smartphones. You may have some trouble. Though, if you use a so-called “featured phone”

How do I contact you? You can reach me via the contact form below.

How come you did not answer my email?

Well, I’m a busy person. Between my jobs and various projects, I continuously receive emails, actually many more than I can possibly answer. I read every email, though, and I appreciate all contributions, be it compliments or constructive criticism. Your patience is great! I will answer some emails days or maybe even weeks after I received them.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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