Hourly Paycheck Calculator-Fast and Easy to Use

Our calculator will convert your hourly pay to an annual, monthly, weekly salary.
If you know what you make per hour, it will show you how much you will make for these periods. The table below is explaining how the results are determined.

You can use this help to calculate your annual earnings if you know your hourly pay. You may be surprised how much you earn on an annual basis.

Please note that for monthly earnings, the calculator divides a total year’s salary by 12 (12 months in a year). There are people who are defining one month as four weeks, but our calculator is not calculating your monthly earnings by using the four-week method.

How To Use The Hourly Paycheck Calculator:

  1. Enter the amount of the earnings that you want to convert, and also include the time-period the earnings represent.
  2. Enter the total number of hours that you’re working per week. Then click on ‘Convert Wage’
  3. You see the results of what your earnings amount for each of the periods.
Time period Equation
Annual earnings = hourly earnings X
40 hrs. X
52 weeks
Monthly earnings = annual earnings /
12 months
Weekly earnings = hourly earnings X
40 hrs.

When you’re looking for additional information regarding a salary proposed by a future employer, please note that our calculator will convert any given wage into any periodic term, for example annual, monthly, weekly, or hourly.


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