Avoid trying to sell sheep to pig farmers

sheep-617128Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. Do they want more choice or do they want what they want? If they wanted more choice than they would enjoy going from opportunity to opportunity and weighing up the best deal.

Guess what? People do behave like that but only out of fear. Choice actually annoys the heck out of them. Once they have made a decision they are left with a constant nagging doubt when they see another choice as to whether they made the made the best choice.

Most people spend their lives worrying about past mistakes and choices they made and are unable to alter. This is why they never move forward and just learn from past mistakes. As you develop as an entrepreneur you will learn the value of creating greater trust with fewer people than a little trust with many.

Your job is actually to get as much traffic to your site that you a) want to work with and b) can help solve their problem – make extra money at home. That way you can build up relationships, find out what their aspirations are and go about helping them achieve them. In this way, people are less likely to worry about the choice to work with you and focus on working with you. In other words, you carve out a niche in the market and look to dominate it.

What you must avoid being, is all things to all people searching for ways to earn extra money. Some people are looking to make money fast. That’s their main goal. Well, I avoid working with those people because I know from experience (unless you are one of a very few naturally talented %) the route to real success means building up a business. That happens over time by consistently doing the right thing. Making a fast buck is entirely different from running a business. Real wealth is a steady stream of income from your business and investments that will come even if you personally stop working.

So stop worrying about how many people visited your site and start analyzing how they got there and what they were looking for? Because if they typed ‘direct sales’ in a search engine, meaning selling physical products to their friends at parties, and in your eyes ‘direct sales’ means an Internet business then you have a problem. You will end up attracting the wrong traffic who will never join you in business. So myth busting action number one is, ‘clearly define your niche market in your geographical areas’, before you try to dominate it. Using the above example in the UK direct sales has quite a different history from the USA. So you need to do your research or join an opportunity that gives you the skills to be able to.