Arizona Nursing Schools

Arizona is beautiful, welcoming and a wonderful place to live and is attracting more and more residents to live within its borders. The population of the capital city of Phoenix, AZ alone has exploded over the last decades as an influx of people, not just “snowbirds” but young families as well, have decided to make the state their home. Watch this video about how to be successful in Arizona Nursing Schools (University of Arizona):

This increase in the population has taken a toll on the state’s health care services and the increased demand for healthcare services of all kinds has, of course, increased the demand for skilled and trained nurses. Nursing schools in Arizona are trying hard to keep up with the need for an increased amount of graduates from their programs to enter the workforce as soon as possible.

LPN Nursing Schools in Arizona – Licensed practical musses – or licensed vocational nurses as they are often referred to in Arizona – are in special demand to staff long-term residential care homes as well as to help provide home health care services to older Arizona residents who wish to remain in their own homes. There are also hospital jobs available to these nurses although the demand for RNs in that arena is higher.

The best nursing schools in Arizona for LPN students tend to be found within the state’s community college system. These programs take a year to complete and are offered at all 21 community colleges that are dotted across the state. For Nursing Schools in Texas click here.

These nursing schools in Arizona also offer two year RN programs that result not only in the right to sit the state licensing exam to become an RN but in an Associates Degree in Nursing as well.

There are great advantages to attending a community college. The education provided is of a high standard, a student can remain at home (or close to home) and the cost of these nursing schools in Arizona is very reasonable. If you already own a house and are looking for refinancing your mortgage options, check out this post.

Obtaining an RN with BSN at Nursing Schools in Arizona – Although the 2 year RN with ASN degree courses is adequate to become a working RN in the state of Arizona many students are choosing to pursue a four year RN with BSN program instead. Many employers these days, are giving preference for higher paying and more responsible RN positions to those who hold a BSN and usually require one in order for a nurse to be considered for any management position. Such nursing courses are offered at many of the private and public colleges and universities in Arizona as well as at specialist nursing schools in Arizona.

One of the best nursing schools in Arizona is Chamberlain University as it can currently boast a 100% pass rate for graduates taking their RN state licensing exam after graduation from their BSN program. Located in Phoenix the school has been in existence for more than 120 years and has seen a great many Arizona nurses pass through its programs, including the advanced Masters in Nursing it offers to those nurses wishing to pursue their education even further.